WELLACH Floating Chucks – Optimum Solutions for the Fine Machining of Bores

    Adolf Wellach has been optimizing and refining the technology for fine machining of bores (reaming) for 20 years. He has developed three internationally patented products and continues to study the interaction between reamers and bores, and between floating chucks and reamers in collaboration with universities and research institutes.

    His aim is to increase cutting speed and operating life by continually developing new, groundbreaking products, thus ensuring optimum production conditions.

    In founding the QM-certified P-H-W Präzisionswerkzeuge GmbH & Co. KG production plant in 1994 and putting together a team of highly qualified personnel, Adolf Wellach has placed himself in a position where he can personally vouch for the accurate implementation of all customer demands. This allows for groundbreaking products which are unrivalled on the international market to be developed.